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At Agilent, we offer a vast range of opportunities. Explore some of our featured teams below, or visit our dedicated Graduates and Students page.

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    Customer Service & Administration

    At Agilent, we work hand-in-hand with our customers to fulfill their business goals and ambitions. We provide insight, tools, and support to help them advance the quality of life. Our customer service and administration teams build valued customer relationships, providing leading pre and/or postsales consulting, manage and coordinate the end-to-end customer experience, and solve customer issues.

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    Field Service & Support

    As a leader in life sciences, diagnostics, and applied chemical markets, we take pride in our laboratory prowess. We ensure our customers’ labs are working smoothly and efficiently. Our field service and support teams consult and advise customers with scientific expertise to improve their laboratory processes, workflows, and outcomes, so they can continue to make world-changing scientific discoveries.

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    HR, Finance, Legal, Workplace Services & IT

    At Agilent, we take pride in being business experts. In our HR, finance, legal, workplace services, and IT teams, we encourage innovative and strategic thinking. We strive to continuously improve our business efficiency and effectiveness for both our customers and our employees. Here, your skills will help solve problems of varying scope and complexity, contributing to the future growth of Agilent.

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    Manufacturing, Logistics & Supply

    Agilent is known for high product quality and technological innovation. Our people possess an innovative and digital drive. They incorporate automation, advanced materials, or AI into their work with sustainability in mind. Use your skills to maintain and improve our integrity and the quality of our products, and become part of a collaborative company that encourages freedom, influence, and development.

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    Marketing & Communications

    Our products provide scientists with innovative solutions to help them improve the world around us. As part of our dynamic marketing and communications teams, you will be encouraged to use insightful, unique approaches to showcase our products. Your novel and imaginative marketing and communication skills will guide our customers to the solutions we can provide for their research needs.

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    Quality & Regulatory

    Our reputation depends on our integrity and product quality; we must earn the trust of our customers. Therefore, our quality and regulatory procedures are integral to everything we produce. Quality and regulatory teams at Agilent ensure compliance with applicable regulatory requirements and our own high standards. Using your expertise, you can help us provide superior products for our customers.

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    At Agilent, we implement our technological and scientific expertise to help our customers tackle real-world scientific challenges and achieve their research goals. Our collaborative and exciting R&D teams are involved in designing and specifying new technologies, products, services, and components. Here, you have the opportunity to research and transform ideas into structured projects.

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    Sales is where we really start to build a longstanding relationship with our customers, it’s the first step in creating the partnerships that have made us the company we are today. As part of our sales team, you will support customers and acquire new customers. You will promote and sell products and solutions to customers (or partners) and you will introduce new products where relevant. Our sales teams are located across our global businesses.

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    Our software teams are behind many of our technological developments and solutions so that our customers’ laboratories run smoothly and effectively. Using your critical thinking and problem-solving skills, you could become part of a leading, science-focused company. You will be valued in your ability to innovate, build, and execute projects that will aid our clients in their scientific discoveries.

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"Becoming a field service engineer may be daunting, particularly to women thinking of starting a family, but from my personal experience Agilent really support this important stage in our life."

"At Agilent, quality, integrity, trust, respect and creating a great place to work are the driving force and can be seen in action every day."

"Agilent provides a great working environment with the best minds around. Support, growth and development opportunities are abundantly available to enable employees to reach greater heights."

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