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Make a difference from the start

As part of the next generation of innovators and business leaders, you’ll share your skills and perspectives on real projects from day one. You'll work with industry experts and use the latest technology to find solutions that will keep you, Agilent, and the labs we serve at the top of their game.

Here, our campus recruiting program is all about innovation — including how we run it. Instead of following the typical campus recruiting cycle, we hire diverse talent throughout the year because we have global business needs in different locations and times. That means students and recent graduates can apply for the positions that make the most sense for them.


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Agilent’s Intern Program hosts paid interns for 3-12 months to work on a sponsored internship assignment or final degree thesis relevant to their field of study.

This program offers interns a true hands-on experience exploring solutions for real-world problems, support from mentors, and networking experiences with other students from many different backgrounds — even exposure to senior leadership. In return, Agilent welcomes fresh perspectives and unique insights from brilliant young minds.

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Agilent’s Graduate Hire Program aims to identify and attract top students from different backgrounds and experiences who can help advance our mission.

A Graduate Hire is an external candidate who completed a Bachelors, Masters or PhD degree within the 24 months prior to their start date, hired as a regular full-time, non-fixed, regular employee. Graduate Hires can also be current or former interns with Agilent, converted to a regular full-time role or rehired as such after graduation. * Exceptions may apply in some countries.

Campus recruiting events

We love to connect with graduates and students at career fairs or networking events, but right now we don't have any events to share. That might change soon, so keep checking back for opportunities to connect with us and ask us all about a career at Agilent! We can't wait to meet you in person! 

Find out how your degree matches our roles

See how your qualifications align with jobs at Agilent. Open the PDF to find out more.

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Our hiring process

Here’s what you can expect at every step of the way. If you have additional questions, there is more information on our student and graduate opportunities, submitting your resume, and much more on our FAQs Page.


Explore our career portal to identify the role you are interested in. Click “Apply”, where you must either create an account or sign in to an existing one.


Our recruitment team will then review your application. They will keep you updated on the status of your candidacy.


If you are a good match for the role you applied for, our team will reach out to schedule an interview with the Hiring Manager and their team.


Once you have completed the full interview process, we will provide feedback and inform you of our decision.

Offer & Onboard

If you’re a fit, we will provide a formal offer. After you accept, a comprehensive onboarding process starts to prepare you for your first day on the job!

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"No matter your background or where you come from, you are always welcome to the team and feel included right from the beginning." 

"I was an Agilent user during my Ph.D. years. I was deeply impressed by the employees innovation, culture, skills and accountability."

"I know for sure I'm truly valued as an employee. I'm held responsible for important activities in my internship. I feel like my work colleagues listen and care about my ideas, and that my job is fundamental to the group."

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