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Storage of Candidate Data and Data Privacy


Storage of Candidate Data

The personal data you send us during the recruitment process will be added to a database that is accessible by Agilent Human Resources ('Agilent') for the purposes of recruitment. This information is collected and used on the basis that it is required for the recruitment process. The details of the personal data Agilent receives about you, how Agilent processes your personal data and your rights and obligations in relation to your personal data will be handled in accordance with Agilent's Candidate Privacy Policy available here.

Access to your personal information may also be provided to third parties to perform recruitment related services on Agilent's behalf. Those services are performed pursuant to contracts with confidentiality obligations binding the third party and are described further in Agilent's Candidate Privacy Policy (Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish).

If there has been no activity on your information for one year post receipt of your personal information, with the exception of Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Korea, and the US, where your data is stored for three years plus the current year, it will be removed from our database.

If you want Agilent to remove your information from our database please let us know by clicking here (not applicable for US and Canadian residents).

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