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The Italian offices of Agilent provide our core products and services from three locations – Cernusco sul Naviglio, Rome and Leini.

We have over 380 staff across these locations and our dedication to supporting and enhancing employees' professional skills makes Agilent an attractive organization within Europe.

Our employees are part of a rich Agilent culture that is diverse and yet shares the same Agilent values of speed, focus and accountability. These values empower  employees to make a difference, to be creative and to take risks and provide solutions for our customers.

Our Italian business offers roles in:

  • Customer Service
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Legal
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Quality and Regulatory
  • R&D
  • Sales
  • Services and Support
  • Workplace Services


Agilent offers core global benefits to all staff - but in addition to these, the Italian business offers:

  • Agilent Result Bonus
  • Stock Purchase Plan
  • Life Insurance
  • Permanent Disability Insurance
  • Accident Insurance
  • Medical Health Care
  • Pension
  • Cafeteria

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