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Why Agilent

Agilent is committed to creating a diverse work environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer.
We're a business united by science and the benefits it can bring to the world.

If you're considering Agilent as a career choice, we have lots of great reasons why you should join.

Meaningful work

Agilent is a leader in life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemical markets. We provide laboratories worldwide with instruments, services, consumables, applications and expertise in six key markets: Diagnostics; Energy; Environment; Food; Pharmaceutical; and Research. Our employees inspire new discoveries that improve everyday life, and support the world’s long-term sustainability.

Our values

Agilent values are the foundation of our culture. Innovation and contribution - Uncompromising integrity - Trust, respect, and teamwork – Speed – Focus - Accountability. These values are a compass for our employees as they help translate our vision and strategy into reality.

Our culture

We are passionate and driven to lead, win, and grow as One Agilent. We focus intensely on our customers, acting as owners, innovating and simplifying with urgency. We welcome feedback, recognize our successes and continuously develop.

Our people and workplace

Our smart and talented people bring unique talents with them to work each day. Our diverse perspectives enable high performance and make Agilent a best place to work. We build teams and work environments in which people can thrive.

Development opportunities

Few industries are as dynamic and fast-paced - or create more unique challenges and great growth opportunities - as health and life sciences. Our culture of innovation encourages our employees to stay at the top of their game through continuous learning and development.

Living a well-rounded life

Our employees have both time and opportunities to enjoy life, their family, and friendships while engaging in a rewarding career. Our flexible approach (role and location permitting) to time off, schedules, work location, activities, and balance help employees keep things in perspective while keeping inspiration flowing.

Our commitment to our employees

Agilent's success stems from our people, who make amazing things happen every day. Our employees enjoy a rich employee experience that includes a robust employment package that promotes well-being across all aspects of their life: Time away from work, career, finances, and health.

Find out more below.

Worldwide, many of our employees enjoy the following benefits:

  • Programs that recognize the life and events our employees have away from work, and that provide opportunities to relax, recharge, and live a well-rounded life--all essential to the creative process.
  • A culture of continuous development that encourages our employees to stay up-to-date on current research and technology, and enhance their current skills to meet future needs.
  • Financial benefits that include competitive salaries and bonuses, company stock, retirement programs, and insurance--and financial counseling to help make the most of it.
  • Health and well-being programs that encourage wellness of the mind and body.
  • The "extras" are the host of on-site conveniences, amenities, and services Agilent provides to help keep inspiration flowing. Offerings are designed to meet the unique interests and needs of the people who work at each site.

Find specifics for each country on our location pages.

Human Rights and Labor Policy

Agilent will conduct our business with uncompromising integrity and promote human rights within the company's sphere of influence. You can download our Human Rights and Labor Policy (PDF, 62KB) and view our EEO Statement.

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