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  • I’ve applied to an Agilent job opening – what happens next?

    When you apply to a specific job, you’ll receive an email acknowledgment. Then, based on a review of your qualifications, you may be contacted by phone to discuss your experience and the available position. Depending on the outcome of that conversation we may schedule time for you to interview with more Agilent representatives. In the event that a more qualified candidate is selected for the position, you will receive an e-mail message from Agilent encouraging you to apply for other positions.

  • If I'm selected for an interview, what should I expect?

    The interview process is an opportunity for both Agilent and you to determine if Agilent is a good fit. We use behavioral interviewing to learn more about your skills and experiences. Our interviewers will also ask you to discuss your past accomplishments in depth to determine if your background and experience meet the position requirements, and you'll have the opportunity to ask questions about the job, the team and Agilent.

  • How can I prepare for my interview?

    Do your research -

    • Review the job posting and identify examples from your work experience which demonstrate required skills and technical competencies. Consider your recent challenges and successes, identifying those which demonstrate your potential for success in the Agilent role. Be prepared to articulate the situation, your assigned tasks, the actions you took and the business outcomes.
    • Elaborate on managing priorities, successfully addressing teamwork challenges, making decisions and solving tough problems.
    • Review our website and published company information to familiarize yourself with our businesses, customers, and performance culture.
    • Consider our customer base: What are they looking for? What solutions does Agilent provide? How does Agilent differentiate itself in the market?
  • Does Agilent offer relocation and immigration support?

    Relocation and immigration support may be available for some positions. The hiring manager or recruiter will provide more detail.


Contacting Agilent

You have the right to request reasonable assistance if you have a disability or unable to use or access the online job search system due to your disability. Please call +1-262-754-5030 (US and Canada only) or email Note: Use of this option is available only to those needing accommodation related to a disability. View our EEO Statement.

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