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  • Meet Don

    Meet Don - USA

    "Don is a U.S. distribution channel partner manager for ACG’s Chemistries and Supplies Division for the Americas. This month marks his fourth year with Agilent."

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  • Meet Terence

    Meet Terence - USA

    "Terence is a 24-year U.S. Air Force veteran, about to begin his second year as an Agilent quality-training engineer."

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  • Hye Rim

    Hye Rim - Korea

    "The most impressive part of working at Agilent is the attitude of respect for each other among employees."

  • Isadora

    Isadora - United States

    "Since my first day here I felt like I was part of a family. I love the passion everyone has for their work and for Agilent's values and goals."

  • Saw

    Saw - Singapore

    "Agilent employees come from a myriad of backgrounds and each has a unique perspective on a problem or challenge."

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  • Katleen

    Katleen - Belgium

    "Agilent is a very supportive company and people here will always do their best to offer assistance and support."

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  • Dan-dan

    Dan-dan - China

    "One of the main reasons I love working at Agilent is because of its culture and working environment. At Agilent we are focused on providing excellent customer experience."

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  • Henrik

    Henrik - Denmark

    "I love going to work because I feel that the managers and my team believe in my skills and appreciate the work I do here."

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  • Eva

    Eva - Germany

    "I am looking forward to all future projects together with my colleagues and the friends I’ve made here."

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  • Josh

    Josh - United Kingdom

    "There is a real commitment from Agilent to make sure that you are equipped with the skills and confidence needed to grow both personally and within your role."

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  • Ritu

    Ritu - India

    "With new challenges every day I have always felt engaged with my work, which has enabled me to gain expertise in many different areas."

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  • Bunji

    Bunji - Japan

    "If you wish to explore a new field and reach an unconquered summit someday in the future, I strongly recommend you to join Agilent."

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  • Aizuddin

    Aizuddin - Malaysia

    "Agilent is an international company, so there are many opportunities to work with counterparts across the globe."

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  • Dr. Nurhuda

    Dr. Nurhuda - Singapore

    "I regularly get to learn something new, be it a technological innovation or a legal challenge, allowing me to have a fresh excitement to keep me going."

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  • Farinaz

    Farinaz - Australia

    "Every single day at Agilent I learn new things and develop myself professionally."

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  • Remco

    Remco - Spain

    "The opportunities and flexibility Agilent is offering to its employees is definitely one of the main reasons to keep on going."

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  • Tobias

    Tobias - Germany

    "For me, every day brings new tasks and challenges - which I find very motivating."

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  • Badr

    Badr - United States

    "From a professional perspective, I’ve had the opportunity to explore, grow and develop my skills."

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  • Kailin

    Kailin - United States

    "Don't be afraid to reach out and network with people, even if they are several levels above you. Agilent is very egalitarian, and leaders are extremely approachable."

  • Destiny

    Destiny - Germany

    "Working in the field of service, every day holds new tasks and challenges for me."

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Notice to Job Seekers

  • Please be aware of fraudulent job offers that are not affiliated with Agilent Technologies, Inc.

    Unsuspecting job seekers have reported receiving unsolicited contacts by phone, email or text from individuals purporting to be Agilent employees or representatives. These individuals have been offering fraudulent employment opportunities to applicants and often ask for sensitive personal and financial information.  This type of fraud tends to occur through online services including bogus websites, social media accounts, online job boards, or through unsolicited emails or text messages.  The fraudulent offers may include letters with the Agilent logo, the name of actual Agilent employees, and phone numbers in an effort to convey authenticity.

    Warning Signs of Fraudulent Activity

    • If you receive solicitations, recruiting or hiring documentation, advertisements, or emails that contain spelling and grammatical errors, or which are poorly formatted.
    • Requests for personal information early in the process, such as your address, date of birth, passport information, social security number, or banking details are also signs of potentially fraudulent activity. Agilent has a confidential and documented communication process for requesting personal information once a formal offer has been made to an applicant.
    • If you receive an email from an email address at a domain that is not affiliated with the company (for example,,,,, etc.), or a domain that mimics – but is not actually the same as – the domain used by the company.  Agilent email addresses all end with or
    • If you applied for a position or received a notice for a position at Agilent and it does not appear on our website, please disregard it.
    • Agilent will never ask you to submit for a position via email – we only accept online applications submissions via our Agilent Careers website at
    • Applicants are asked to participate in an “interview” by chat or email. Agilent does not conduct “interviews” by chat or email.
    • Insistence on urgency for you to act on the correspondence received within very short time frames should cause concern and may indicate potentially fraudulent activity.

    Important information for job seekers:

    • All Agilent job openings are posted on our career page at where you will be required to submit an application online and register for an account in which you can check the status of your application.
    • The typical interview process usually starts with a conversation on the phone with one of our recruiters. 
    • Legitimate offers are extended through Agilent’s Applicant Tracking System and you will be required to log in to to view and accept the offer.
    • An interview with Agilent will include at least one interview with an Agilent representative, either in person or using videoconferencing technology like Webex.
    • Agilent will never request money for the opportunity to apply or work for Agilent.
    • Agilent does not require completion of tax forms, bank account or credit card information as part of the recruiting process.
    • If you are unsure if a message is from Agilent, email

    If you believe you have been the victim of a crime related to one of these scams, please contact and consider reporting the matter to a relevant government entity, such as local law enforcement, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center or the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).


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