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Why Agilent

Agilent is committed to creating a diverse work environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer.
We're a business united by science and the benefits it can bring to the world.

If you're considering Agilent as a career choice, we have lots of great reasons why you should join.

Below are the top five reasons to join Agilent.


Our people

We seek and employ the most talented workforce to help us achieve amazing results. As a global company, Agilent enjoys the diversity of cultural and individual perspectives held by our employees. Much of Agilent's success is rooted in the diversity of its people and the commitment of those people to inclusion. Our employees' different backgrounds are valued by both customers and employees.


Our values and culture

Our values and culture makes Agilent a place where we want to spend our time. You can see and feel our values in the workplace. Agilent’s six values are the core foundation of our company - innovation and contribution, uncompromising integrity, trust respect and teamwork, speed, focus, and accountability. Our values are the basis for every decision we make and every action we take, no matter where we are located.


Development opportunities

As part of the next generation of innovators and business leaders you will deliver solutions to keep yourself, Agilent and the laboratories we serve at the top of their game. You will share your skills on real projects from day one, and you'll grow with ready access to domain experts, the latest technology and our global infrastructure. With Agilent, you can make your career what you want.


Work-life balance

Agilent gives employees the space to enjoy life, their families and friendships. Flexible time off, flexible schedules, telecommuting and company-sponsored activities are some of the ways we help keep inspiration coming.


We make the world a safer and healthier place

Our employees are inspiring discoveries for a better world.

Worldwide, many of our employees enjoy the following benefits:

Employee Ownership and Management is something we passionately believe in. So, in every country where it is possible, employees are eligible to participate in Agilent's stock purchase plan. The company also has an all-employee Results Bonus Program that rewards the achievement of performance goals.

An Open Door Policy is more than just a corporate idiom here. We're both encouraged and permitted to confer on issues with any level of management. Our CEO even has his own internal web page, which keeps Agilent employees in touch with his activities and messages.

Our Total Compensation Package includes medical and dental benefits, retirement programs, and services such as employee assistance counseling, employee discounts and length-of-service awards. Our salary program offers a competitive base and bonus packages comparable to other global technology companies.

Local and Global Salary Surveys help ensure that we are doing all we can to attract and retain top talent. This global strategy applies to all jobs at all locations including professional, hourly labor, engineers and management.

A Commitment to Work/Life Balance gives each and every employee the space to enjoy life, their families and friendships. Flexible time off, flexible schedules, telecommuting and company-sponsored activities are only some of the ways we help keep inspiration coming.

Training and Development is offered through a wide range of programs, workshops and classes. A tuition reimbursement policy and distance learning degree programs with major universities complete our educational offerings.

Time to Play and Relax is essential to the creative process, so we offer all kinds of outlets for doing exactly that. It could be on-site massage or yoga classes. Fitness rooms and outdoor sports facilities. Sports teams and clubs. Every location has its own offering, designed to meet the unique interests and needs of the people who work there. But wherever you are, you'll never be far from a great way to refresh yourself and your ingenuity.

To find out the specific benefits for each country, please visit our location pages.

Human Rights and Labor Policy

Agilent will conduct our business with uncompromising integrity and promote human rights within the company's sphere of influence. To download our Human Rights and Labor Policy (PDF, 62KB)

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