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  • Katleen

    Katleen - Belgium

    "Agilent is a very supportive company and people here will always to their best to offer assistance and support."

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  • Matthias

    Matthias - Belgium

    "Agilent gives you many possibilities to develop yourself, your knowledge and your career in a positive way."

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  • Changliang

    Changliang - China

    "You will receive lots of feedback and support from your colleagues if you keep sharing your ideas."

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  • Dan-dan

    Dan-dan - China

    "One of the main reasons I love working at Agilent is because of its culture and working environment. At Agilent we are focused on providing excellent customer experience."

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  • Sombat

    Sombat - Thailand

    "Agilent is not only a profitable company but a company which cares about its employees and provides the best solutions for its customers."

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  • Mi Ju

    Mi Ju - Korea

    "Agilent provides multiple development opportunities so that employees can make successful careers."

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  • Seong Cheol

    Seong Cheol - Korea

    "I love that Agilent drives to me dream. Please don't hesitate to dream at Agilent! You can make it real!"

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  • Signe

    Signe - Denmark

    "The atmosphere in Agilent is rewarding, fun and we enjoy our work. We are inspired to take a chance."

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  • Chuang

    Chuang - Singapore

    "Agilent always encourages employee development by providing a variety of courses that help you to grow and get to grips with working life."

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  • Johnny

    Johnny - Singapore

    "What excites me is our technology and contribution to the life science industry."

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  • Stephanie

    Stephanie - Germany

    "There is a feeling of mutual trust and respect, not only amongst colleagues but also between the managers and the teams."

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  • Gabriele

    Gabriele - Netherlands

    "I love Agilent because of its people. I am surrounded by experienced people that welcomed me from the very beginning and made me feel part of this wonderful team I’m working with."

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  • Hannah

    Hannah - UK

    "I'm really excited about my future career with Agilent. The projects that I've been involved in so far have been incredibly challenging but rewarding."

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  • Saw

    Saw - Singapore

    "Agilent employees come from a myriad of backgrounds and each has a unique perspective on a problem or challenge."

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  • Svenja

    Svenja - Germany

    "Working for Agilent is a great chance for a graduate like me, to develop in a professional and well known company."

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  • Bunji

    Bunji - Japan

    "If you wish to explore a new field and reach an unconquered summit someday in the future, I strongly recommend you to join Agilent."

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  • Josh

    Josh - United Kingdom

    "There is a real commitment from Agilent to make sure that you are equipped with the skills and confidence needed to grow both personally and within your role."

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  • Makiko

    Makiko - Japan

    "There are many opportunities to build skills and a career here with a bright future."

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  • Hyung

    Hyung - Singapore

    "If you are eager to have a career development, you will get an opportunity regardless of years of your working experience, or the place where you came from."

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  • Kazuo

    Kazuo - Japan

    "I appreciate the environment where I can almost always find an appropriate answer for my question."

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  • Tobias

    Tobias - Germany

    "For me, every day brings new tasks and challenges - which I find very motivating."

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  • Poh Leong

    Poh Leong - Singapore

    "The thing I love about Agilent is the abundance of energy and passion."

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  • Helaine

    Helaine - Singapore

    "Agilent is a place where opportunities are available for people who are willing to learn and explore their limits."

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  • Dr. Nurhuda

    Dr. Nurhuda - Singapore

    "I regularly get to learn something new, be it a technological innovation or a legal challenge, allowing me to have a fresh excitement to keep me going."

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  • Chris

    Chris - United States

    "I have found that the more colleagues I meet, the more I am able to take advantage of the overwhelming amount of learning opportunities awarded to me here."

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  • Andrew

    Andrew - United States

    "Agilent is truly an engaging, dynamic, and kinetic work environment where one can be challenged and grow both as a person and scientist."

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  • Jamie

    Jamie - United States

    "Agilent has given me the opportunity to learn so much about business, service, sales, and, chemistry."

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  • Kayla

    Kayla - Australia

    "New opportunities pop up all the time and I feel I'll be able to build a career that's right for me."

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  • Sophia

    Sophia - Malaysia

    "I love Agilent because this company provides good benefits, a good working environment, good culture and great people."

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  • Giuseppe

    Giuseppe - Italy

    "I love Agilent for the multicultural environment that fosters respect for individuals, their ideas and contributions."

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  • Shilpi

    Shilpi - India

    "Work culture is employee friendly and Agilent believes in providing good "Work Life Balance" to employees."

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  • Darcio

    Darcio - Brazil

    "Agilent promotes communication, collaboration, innovation, and focuses on results."

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  • Pernille

    Pernille - Denmark

    "We are empowered and no two days are the same."

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  • Badr

    Badr - United States

    "From a professional perspective, I’ve had the opportunity to explore, grow and develop my skills."

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  • Anna

    Anna - Denmark

    "I continuously meet and work with friendly and dedicated people, which I find valuable and inspiring."

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  • Massimo

    Massimo - Spain

    "I'm very excited about building my future at Agilent according on my strengths, abilities and experience."

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  • Han-Nah

    Han-Nah - Korea

    "I feel how fast Agilent is moving and developing technologies leading the market."

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  • Farinaz

    Farinaz - Australia

    "Every single day at Agilent I learn new things and develop myself professionally."

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  • Syamil

    Syamil - Malaysia

    "Agilent guarantees me endless possibilities to gain knowledge and skills for my future career here."

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  • Urmila

    Urmila - India

    "As long as you have the determination to work hard, there are no limits to how far you can reach."

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  • Suresh

    Suresh - Malaysia

    "Agilent provides good opportunities for self-development, has a good culture and values."

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  • Kyeong-Mi

    Kyeong-Mi - Korea

    "Agilent is a company that respects the various cultures and individual employee's perspectives."

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  • Fang

    Fang - Malaysia

    "It is very exciting, when after all the hard work, to see the things you design work and see the product shipped."

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  • Sian

    Sian - United Kingdom

    "What excites me most about my future career is that I work in a market that is ever evolving."

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  • Matthew

    Matthew - United States

    "I've thoroughly enjoyed my time at Agilent, mostly because there is always opportunity to grow here."

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  • Sandra

    Sandra - Germany

    "The complete trust I was met with from the very beginning, has enabled me to get the best out of my projects."

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  • Greg

    Greg - Canada

    "My onboarding process was exceptional and exposed me to a culture of excellence, openness, creativity, and diligence."

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  • Eva

    Eva - Germany

    "I am looking forward to all future projects together with my colleagues and the friends I’ve made here."

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  • Remco

    Remco - Spain

    "The opportunities and flexibility Agilent is offering to its employees is definitely one of the main reasons to keep on going."

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  • Jae-Soo

    Jae-Soo - Korea

    "Agilent has a clear direction that is to help customers with technology and solution."

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  • Mainak

    Mainak - India

    "There is a real energy in Agilent, we are in a profession where our attitude towards work is fulfilling."

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  • Lars

    Lars - United States

    "Agilent helps improve the quality of life for people and societies around the world – how cool is that?"

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  • Tae-Min

    Tae-Min - Korea

    "Every day I feel that I am working in very good company with a good autonomy to employees and self-motivated environment."

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  • Eric

    Eric - United States

    "In a Sales capacity, I am uniquely blessed to offer products I truly believe in, without hesitation to our customers."

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  • Ritu

    Ritu - India

    "With new challenges every day I have always felt engaged with my work, which has enabled me to gain expertise in many different areas."

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  • Hyun-Hoo

    Hyun-Hoo - Korea

    "The biggest value in Agilent Technologies is the giving opportunity to grow not only for the company but for individual employees."

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  • Aizuddin

    Aizuddin - Malaysia

    "Agilent is an international company, so there are many opportunities to work with counterparts across the globe."

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  • Jennifer

    Jennifer - United States

    "I am excited about working at Agilent because I am proud of the products we make and I see every day how they impact the world in a positive way."

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  • We are on the Forbes America's Best Employers 2017 list.

  • Agilent has been identified by as a Top Entry Level Employer in 2015 for the 7th year in a row!

  • We are on the list of Indeed Top Companies to Work for in 2016.

  • Agilent is on the Forbes 2016 list of America's Best Large Employers

  • Agilent ranks 53 on the Global 100 list of most sustainable large corporations.

  • Agilent ranks number 1 in the Forbes Best Employers "Healthcare Equipment & Services" industry category.

  • Agilent received the Reviewers' Choice Award for outstanding customer service from SelectScience.

  • Agilent has 12,000 employees worldwide and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

  • Agilent provides life science, diagnostic and applied market laboratories worldwide with instruments, services, consumables, applications and expertise.

  • Agilent serves six markets – pharmaceutical, energy, environment, research, diagnostics, and food.

  • Agilent has product development and manufacturing sites located in Australia, China, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States.

  • Agilent ranks #43 out of 500+ employers on the Forbes 2015 America's Best Employers list.

  • Agilent has been identified by as a Top Entry Level Employer in 2015 for the 7th year in a row!

  • Agilent Malaysia won the HR Grand Winner 2013 Award at the Human Resources Excellence Awards

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